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MY action plan

The Action Plan Wizard features a series of questions that the user will answer so that we can identify their unique clinic demographics and give them tailored content based on those parameters. Your responses will be kept confidential.If you are unsure how to answer any questions, please choose the response that you think is the best fit for your clinic.

What is the name of your clinic?

How many providers are in your clinic?

(Note: Your Action Plan will be developed for this number indicated)

What best describes your clinic location?

Is your clinic within a network?

What best describes your patients?

What is your clinic’s EMR system?

Is there an immunization champion in your clinic?

In your clinic, are providers receiving continuing education on HPV vaccination?

In your clinic, are the health care providers given regular feedback (at least quarterly) on their HPV vaccination rates?

In your clinic, do your health care providers receive prompts (in the EMR or otherwise) that a patient is eligible for the HPV vaccine?

In your clinic, do you send reminders (e-mail/ text/ phone/ mail) to parents when their child is eligible for HPV vaccination?

In your clinic, do you provide educational material on the HPV vaccine to your patients?